Defeated Nutter Syndrome (DNS) is a term coined by the community. The behavior occurs when a pit bull owner — who believes himself to be a superior dogowner — is defeated by the genetics of pit bulls which causes them to attack unpredictably and to break containment to attack at rates 14 times higher than other dog breeds. DNS expresses itself in a variety of blame and victimization phraseologies. For instance, after a pet pit bull jumped through a window and attacked a UPS officer, then threatened to attack bystanders, police officers fired six bullets into the dog killing it. Afterward, the pit bull’s owner Thomas Tellekson suffered a bad case of Defeated Nutter Syndrome:

Pit bull owner Thomas TelleksonThe dog’s owner says that kind of aggressive behavior was out of character for his dog, who he says never bothered anyone, and even played with his young son.
“I’m lost, my kids lost my girlfriends had nightmares the last two nights,” Tellekson says. “You know that’s our family member. As far as I’m concerned its murder to me.” – Thomas Tellekson