Maul Talkers frequently use the phrase, “[The victim] must have done something wrong,” after a violent pit bull attack to place the blame onto the victim. After a family Staffy bull, for instance, seriously mauled and injured Alan Edwards’ wife and male friend, he said: “They must have done something wrong and the dog rebelled.” (See: Images of the victims being taken away on stretchers.) Other examples include:

Yeah, yeah, go and say you did nothing but love the dog and it turned on you– I DO NOT believe you. There is something you must have done wrongLying pit nutter
I have been attacked by a dog before, but never has it been from a pit bull or rottweiler or german shepard. These people must have done something to the dog to scare it. – Snowblossom
The pit bull just mauled this tiny pug visciously and the pit bull’s owner couldn’t stop it. It was, again, TERRIFYING. The pug’s owner left clutching her dog which wasn’t moving. The pit bull’s owner said “There must be something wrong with that pug, He must have done something, my dog isn’t like that”. – Redhead