After a menacing incident or a police shooting incident — and even after instances of serious and fatal attacks — pit bull owners and advocates will refer to the attacking pit bull or their own pit bull as a “big baby” to deflect the breed’s well-known reputation as a vicious frankenmauler. For similar reasons, breed ambassadors do so as well. The term is related to the phraseology, didn’t know his own strength (after all, he’s just a big baby).

“The dog was a big baby,” Richard Goulart said. “Nobody understands. They had the dog for years before the baby came along. The baby and the dog got along wonderfully.” [Until the family pit bull attacked the baby in the face, and the only way the father could stop the attack was to stab the dog to death] – Grandfather of baby nearly killed by family pit bull
After a family pit bull mauled a baby to death, the mother still had images of her pit bull on her Facebook page. She called the 8-year old pit bull a “Big Baby.” – Dallas mother whose baby was killed by family pit bull
I loved my Pit Bull. He was a big baby. He just happened to flip at the wrong time, you know?” – Nicholas Cook
Tip was my bestfriends pit… He was the biggest baby ever and would never hurt a fly. – Cliche Nutter
David said officers overreacted in shooting his dog, which he called “a big baby.” – Simon David
I have a 3-year-old pit bull and she is spoiled and a big baby — the best dog you could ever have – Kelly Hebert
ITS NOT THE PITBULLS what about the CHIUAS that are always attacking people…and yes amanda u are soo right cashy boy is nottn but a big headed baby.Mary1122
“He was a big baby,” said his owner, Marc Hernandez, 20, who had had Tyson since he was a puppy of 7 weeks. – Marc Hernandez
[Tina Brinkley said] “I walked up to the cage, and it was not aggressive at all. It was a big baby.” – Tina Brinkley
We have a Pit Bull in the family that is a huge baby when it comes to family. I have no doubt that this dog would protect the family when needed… – YaThink
“I think it’s ridiculous in my opinion,” she said. “The dog is nothing but a big baby, and you know, I gotta do what I gotta do.” – Frustrated Sarah Neal
I have a pit-bull, he is 1 or 2 dogs that have, and he is a big baby. – Kristen
Leave the pit bulls alone. I own one and he’s a big baby. Now if this would have been funeral… – Crissy