The “mutant” term was introduced by author and animal behaviorist Alexandra Semyonova of and picked up by blogger Craven Desires. “Genetic” is implicit in the meaning of mutant, but we’ve added it to the Maul Talk term to avoid any confusion. The Free Dictionary defines mutant as: “An individual, organism, or new genetic character arising or resulting from mutation.” Use of the term can be seen in many of Craven’s posts, for instance, 9/24/10 Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up.

  1. after her hideous mutant savaged three dogs.
  2. were bitten by a HIDEOUS mutant during their afternoon walk.
  3. he ordered the mutant to attack
  4. the mutant is described as an ugly shade of white with hideous grey
  5. altercation involving an ugly mutant and a 10 lb dog occurs it is called an ASSASSINATION attempt.
  6. KALOB CROMARTIE’S ugly mutant got loose and attacked
  7. little dog Gracie Mae, when a mutant pit dog started to follow them
  8. she claims that Officer Fisk knocked down the mutant
  9. at a street festival yesterday, an ugly mutant pit fighter named PARROT
  10. she tried to calm them down. and for her trouble, two of the mutants attacked
  11. K9 Ice was attacked by a pit bull while trying to control a crowd. the ugly mutant was shot and killed

File photo of a genetic mutant.

genetic mutant pit bull