The term “spidey sense”, in reference to pit bull attacks and media coverage, was adapted by Landshark, a member of the community. Spidey sense indicates that a pit bull spin or coverup is in play in the wake of a serious or fatal pit bull mauling. The term is also used to describe authorities’ who are pit bull apologists (or actual pit bull owners) improperly using their authority to advance a pro-pit bull agenda. The ability to have a spidey sense comes after one has read at least 500 pit bull mauling articles and their accompanying mauling threads.

My Spidey sense is tingling at the prospect that there is no documentation of “Beast” seeing a Vet during his illness…. Gotta wonder if he was in a van headin’ up North? – Anonymous
Reading this story made my Pit Bull Spidey sense tingle…It wouldn’t surprise me if the apartment manager is a fellow Pit owner who was trying to protect her “PitSista” from discrimination. – Anonymous
This prosecutor has my Pit nutter spidey sense tingling…The Vet’s crying might stem from loss of business sewing up the pit bull’s future animal victims. – Anonymous