Pit bull apologist is a term first seen in a 2005 SF Weekly article titled, “The Pit Pendulum,” written by Matt Palmquist. Just a few days later, C.W. Nevius of the San Francisco Chronicle used it in, “Pit bull fans lobby hard against limits.” Since the 2007 launch of DogsBite.org, the term has been in continuous use on the site and describes individuals that make excuses for pit bulls in the wake of a serious or fatal pit bull mauling. Possibly the most notorious apologist is Kathy Jenks, the director of Ventura County Department of Animal Regulation, who tried to whitewash the actions of the pit bull (make it appear that all dogs would have behaved similarly) after it killed Katya Todesco.

When the little girl picked up the cell phone, was kind of waving it…Whether the child then tripped over the dog or got to the back of the dog — somehow startled the dog — and the dog, being a dog, was startled and reacted, thinking it was being preyed uponKathy Jenks

A more recent example is Cherie Travis, Executive Director of the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control of Chicago, who attempted to mislabel 6 pit bulls as “mixed breeds” after they brutally mauled 56-year old Johnny Wilson to death.

Despite the Chicago Police Department identifying the dogs as pit bulls, director Cherie Travis is now intentionally misleading the media, the citizens of Chicago and the entire U.S. public by stating that the dogs are actually “mixed breed,” but she couldn’t name the breeds until further evaluation. Travis is clearly a pit bull apologist placing the “protection” of the pit bull breed at a higher priority than reporting the truth about the fatal attack of a human being.
DogsBite.org calls for the immediate dismissal of director Cherie Travis.
Other pit bull apologists are popping through the seams as well “to soften” the impact of pit bulls killing two American citizens in an nine-day period. Animal behaviorist Suzanne Hetts, who is quoted in the updated article, said that the “dog’s breed” isn’t the most important factor. “Usually it’s a perfect storm situation… – DogsBite.org