“Preserving the breed” is dogmen code for preserving dogfighting and is often found in dogfighting forum boards, such as the tag line for the Game-Dog.com website. Pit bulls were selectively bred for dogfighting. They were bred for no other purpose back in the 1800’s, and they continue to be bred for dogfighting today. Preserving the breed only means preserving the game-bred bloodlines and the game-bred qualities of a pit bull, such as tenacity (gameness), the pit bull’s ability to fight to the death.

This is a true athlete, the American Pit Bull Terrier. Within this athletic package, we have been given the spirit, loyalty, dedication, and heart of the dog that we love today. It is the never give up, always give 110% attitude, the gameness, that keeps us connected to the breed. The A.D.B.A. and the A.D.B.S.I. are here to stay. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve the APBT in its original form. – ADBA

Pro-pit bull groups, such as Animal Farm Foundation, use similar language in their tag line, “To restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier,” in an effort to mislead members of the public that pit bulls were a popular household pet in the early 1900’s, a whole separate bag of distortions. (See: Nanny dogs to learn more.)