A “man biter”, also referred to as a “man eater”, is a game-bred pit bull that attacks its handler or another human being. Dogfighting forum boards incessantly argue as to whether or not man biters were culled. The truth is many past champion fighting dog bloodlines contained man biters and modern ones do as well. Such dogs were NOT culled because they were far too profitable. Dogfighters do NOT cull champion pit fighters; they cull curs.

Show me evidence of one instance where a well-known dogman culled a manbiter that was a winning pitdog or producer, or even showed potential in either area. There is no evidence to suggest such dogs were regularly culled, however, there is ample evidence to suggest the contrary:
Gr. Ch. Gambler’s Virgil – while in a rage, tried to bite the Gambler, and actually tore the shirt off of Gambler’s back as he tried to get away from him. Gambler thought very seriously about putting the dog down, but instead decided to roll him. Evidently he liked what he saw and by the tender age of just over 18 months, Virgil became a 1X winner.
Adams’ Gr. Ch. Zebo ROM – attacked Mr. Adams’ son and nearly took his son’s ear off. After the request of Mr. Adams’ wife, Zebo was sold again, this time to Mr. Johnson who fought him twice more.
Loposay’s Buster ROM – The late Barney Fife and his brother, Matt, went traveling through North
Carolina to visit Mrs. Loposay and then go to the Fork Farm, to see Mr. Grady Cummings. Upon arrival to Mrs. Loposay’s, they were able to see the great producer Buster, who made an attempt to bite both of them.
Stepp’s Gr. Ch. Angus – his only downfall was he was a man-biter, such as many of the best-to-be
were ie; Gr Ch Art (ROM), Gr Ch Zebo (ROM), Dbl Gr Ch Tornado, Ch Honeybunch (ROM), and Ch Yellow John (ROM) just to name a few…
Indian Bolio ROM – would scream with rage until he was released into the other dog. Occasionally, he would bite you if not released quick enough… and Bullyson… and Chinaman… and so on. – Dogmen conversations about man biters and man eaters