Dogmen are individuals who fight their pit bulls in matches against other pit bulls — illegal dogfighting. The term dogmen was coined by the dogfighting community to portray dogfighters as lovers and knowers of dogs, instead of criminals and degenerates. The phrase likely came in response to the 1974 series of dogfighting articles written by Wayne King, special to the New York Times. The articles led to the 1976 amendment of the Animal Welfare Act, due to the public’s intolerance of dogfighting.

Throughout his lifetime, Mr Colby was known to be an honest man, always “on the square”, as well as an honest breeder. He is known and remembered as one of the worlds foremost authorities concerning the American ‘Pit’ Bull Terrier. He was a Dogmansdogman” even among the elite of his peers. Men like George Armitage, Pete Donovan, Earl Tudor, Howard Heinzl, and Al Brown, all stated that John P. Colby was and always would be in a class all his own as a breeder of game dogs. – Rios pit bull