This term was coined by the community and refers to Ledy VanKavage, a hired gun lobbyist for Best Friends Animal Society. As a result of Bledy’s legislative handiwork, municipalities in Illinois can no longer adopt pit bull laws. Bledy drafted the 2005 “Anna’s Law”, which prohibits them. The paradox of the law is that it is named after Anna Cieslewicz, who was mauled to death by loose pit bulls in 2003.

Glad to see the USMC saw right through the spewage of Bledy Van Karnage and crew. – Anonymous
Thank You Bledy Van Karnage for ensuring that this owner had “The Right” to recklessly and cheaply maintain a “Crop Circle Dog”! “Prevent the Deed, Regulate the Breed” – Anonymous

Bledy’s handiwork has left a bloody trail of serious and fatal pit bull maulings in the State of Illinois (See: Nick Foley, Gabrial Mandrell-SauerhageRosie humphreys and Jason Walter among others). It is notable that “kavage” sounds like carnage and savage.