The “Crosby Analysis” refers to a famous blog post by titled, “Comment: The Anatomy of a Whitewash, James Crosby“. The post reveals how a professional whitewash is administered in the wake of a brutal and fatal pit bull mauling. The Crosby Analysis, however, actually refers to the very first comment left at the blog post:

The Crosby Analysis
…..The pit bull is not to blame for the attack that killed a person and violently injured another because Taz was “supplanted” by the dachshund. When a dog feels jealous, it’s perfectly okay to attack and KILL.
…..It’s Mary’s fault that she picked up the dachshund to stop the dogs from “scrapping” and screamed in fear. Mary should have known that to “scream” in the vicinity of a pit bull is an invitation to attack and KILL.
…..Mary also should have known that continued screams would only trigger the already explosive Taz to attack more violently. Regardless of the fact that at this time, her scalp was likely being ripped OFF.
…..Ms. Macias never should have picked up the shovel to save her sister-in-law. According to Crosby, that was the nail in the coffin. The “screaming, thrashing” woman was bad enough. But when the owner began to hit her dog with a shovel, Mary’s DEATH was a no-brainer. (It was reported at the time that Ms. Macias suffered at least one thumb loss as she tried to pry the dog off of Mary).
…..Crosby excuses Taz’s “sudden aggression” on a possible neurological disease despite this breed specific behavior. This deduction is from the seizures that emerged after being repeatedly bashed with a shovel. The McKnight Brain Institute should be informed that “sudden aggression” is indisputably a genetic trait in pit bulls.
…..Finally, notice how the pit bull owner in Crosby shines through as the misunderstood, man-killing pit bull is lovingly referred to as “Taz” throughout the comment, and the expendable dachshund is referred to as “little dog” and “the dachshund.”
The Pit Bull community relies heavily on self-created dog authorities to steer the dangerous dog debate away from the breed issue. Mr. Crosby’s own website states that he does not charge communities for his investigations, begging the question: Who is paying?

It must be noted that “Whitewash Jimmy” recently resigned in disgrace from his role as the Animal Control Director of Bay County, Florida after an employee took home a pet pig, named Fluffy, and ate it for dinner.