Pit spamming is a term coined by the DogsBite.org community and employed by pit bull owners and advocates. The deceitful practice is wide-spread and operates as follows:

  1. Once a city council publicly announces that they are considering the adoption of a pit bull law;
  2. Pit bull forum members gather the names and e-mail addresses of the council members;
  3. Post them to a thread with instructions to other advocates to e-mail them in opposition of the law;
  4. As well as to “cross post” the initiative to as many other pit bull forums as possible.

This results in flooding the council members with artificially created telephone calls, letters, and emails. What many council members do NOT know is that over 95% of them are non-constituents and thus should bear no weight in their local jurisdiction. U.S. Pit bull advocates even pit spam foreign entities.

Thomas wrote a typical, zealous spiked email to Laws, “We do not want to spend any money in a place whose mayor has disparagingly labeled us all ‘insane,’ and has told us to murder a beloved family member.”
“Your letter clearly identifies you as fitting every description of a pit bull owner. Your pique is pathetic, and don’t bother troubling my inbox again. I feel genuinely sorry for you.” – Mayor of Wanganui, Michael Laws

In 2007, pitbullforum.com members got caught red-handed for intentionally skewing the results of a poll meant only for Loudoun County residents.

“A shelter employee discovered a posting on http://www.pitbullforum.com that encouraged other advocates across the country to participate in Loudoun’s survey and vote in favor of lifting its adoption ban. The poster provided a list of 20 Loudoun Zip codes and instructed respondents to delete the cookies stored on their computer so they could take the survey multiple times.” – Washington Post