A grifter is a con artist — a swindler — who makes money dishonestly. A pit grifter is a pit bull advocate who swindles donations for a fake charity or a rescue angel who mislabels pit bulls as a “boxer-mix” or other dog breed to move the animal through the system and get it adopted quickly. A pit grifter can also be a person that profits off of pit nutters who are in desperate need of a hero, such as Glen Bui, Kris Crawford and Tia Torres:

Jesse James Gasior, 25 … Gasior asked students if they were interested in donating money to Hello Bully, a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the reputation of pit bulls, police said …
Gasior still claimed to be raising money for the group when Mikelonis first questioned him, but the group‘s fundraising organizer confirmed that Gasior was not associated with Hello Bully and the group does not solicit donations from minors, the affidavit says. – TribLive
Kristine R. Crawford Case number: SM341062A
Charges: 001 PC 508/487(A) 01 PC 17 002 PC 508
Violation date: 09/28/2004
Pretrial – 11/03/2005 at 1:30PM in Redwood City in Dept. PT
Jury Trial – 11/28/2005 at 9AM in Redwood City in Dept. JT
Diane Jessup continues to ask for donations to be made to this person charged of felony theft – and to be clear, this is not related to Crawford’s previous January Atherton PD detainment, or her civil case pending (Kelly Falconer v. Crawford for fraud, theft by deception, or computer hacking, instrusion, or related). This is an entirely new and separate case. – mdJGutie