A “mauling thread” is a term coined by the DogsBite.org community and refers to the comment sections of a pit bull attack news story. Mauling threads are typically packed with pit bull advocates spewing Maul Talk in the hopes that the public reads the nonsense and becomes “educated.” So nasty can mauling threads become that some newspapers shut off comments. One of the favored tactics by Maul Talkers is to blame the parent of the child injured or killed by the pit bull for leaving the child unsupervised:

DEFINITELY THE PARENTS FAULT!!! They had no right leaving that little guy alone with any breed of dog. He was probably playing with him and accidentally pulled his ears or hurt him somehow and that triggered the attack. The dogs should NOT be euthanized – the parents should be! – Guest
1. WHERE are the parents of this baby.
2. If the parents were not supervising the baby while the dog was around. WHEN did we start using DOGS for baby sitters. If we are going to use DOGS as baby sitters we might as well us TVs for baby sitters. – TLynnM68
Another case of the media blaming pit bulls for a tragedy caused by irresponsible people! Wake up and smell the coffee people…it is not the dog”s fault, it is the owner’s. They are the one’s to blame… – Dog Lover
Humans are way more dangerous than dogs and all wild animals combined. Your statement proves it. I think it speaks volumes that the parents of the boy, ditched the dog onto the grandparents. People like that should be jailed for abandonment. – ChocolateDame