Pit bull rescuers and animal shelter workers often call rescued pit bulls “bait dogs” in order to drive up sympathy and donations. They also use the term to as a way to adopt out dogs formerly used for fighting. The logic of a dogfighter using a pit bull as a bait dog makes little sense. Dogfighters typically kill cur pit bulls (pit bulls that refuse to fight). Any dog that can fight is an investment and worth protecting. Bait dogs, realistically, are more likely to be strays and dogs of other breeds.

Last week, Best Friends announced that one of Vick’s dogs, Bonita, died during a routine anesthesia procedure. The dog apparently had worn or filed down teeth and had required dental work. Best Friends chalks the bad teeth up to Bonita likely being a “bait dog,” when the condition might just be the result of longtime chain chewing on Vick’s property. The press release is masterful copy for soliciting donations. – DogsBite.org