After Jacqueline Harris’ dog, named Louie, was captured on camera being mauled by two pit bulls, the pit bull owners fled the scene. Harrison was bitten trying to save her dog. None of the dogs were leashed at the time, but Louie was attempting to flee the pit bulls after they spotted and bolted after him. Pit bull advocates blamed the incident on Harris (Note: There is an excellent chance that Iceman80 is a lying pit nutter).

Iceman80: Ms. Harris wants everyone to think of her and her dog as victims, when she was as much to blame as the pit bull owners. Yes, the pit bulls should have been on leashes.(I am not a pit bull fan, and I don’t understand why anyone would want one as a pet) If Ms. Harris really cared about her dog, she could have been more protective by keeping the garage door closed. Leaving a small dog unattended, and unprotected in an open garage isn’t too bright.
Jeri: Yeah, and she should have had a fence and a moat around the garage! – Jeri