This term may be used to blame the victim or to deny the pit bull’s responsibility in the attack. After John Williams’ pit bull, named Joe, bit a deputy it was legally declared “dangerous”. A day after the hearing, deputies were sent to his home on a domestic violence call. The pit bull  then attacked a different deputy and was shot dead. Despite Williams saying that he “trained the dog everyday of his life,” pit bull advocates threw him under the bus:

You know that a dog protects its owners and thats what this dog was doing. We need to be EDUCATED about animals. No one treats these pit bulls with any respect. If you beat them, starve them, tease them, what in the world do you expect them to do??? GET EDUCATED – Cole
The article said that the dog was chained up most of its life… what do you expect. [This is after the pit bull attacked and KILLED its owner] – Bullybob