“Thug-dog” is a term coined by blogger Craven Desires that refers to members of the dogfighting forum board named Game-Dog.com, whose members are, quite literally, thugs.

the pit nutters at pitbullforum.com had a field day with this story. they devoted two whole pages of peta bashing and speculation on what REALLY happened to Vanessa Carlton. it’s funny to see them get caught up in the media frenzy that they so love to criticize. it’s an interesting read. even mypitbullpro.com, gopitbull.com, thug-dog.com and pitbull-chat.com who always take the ‘kill human aggressive dogs’ high road were snookered by MARIA BROOKS McKENNA and HOWARD FRANK and joined in the fun of bullying an innocent VICTIM. – Craven Desires