This term is meant to make pit bulls appear cute and cuddly. Various references include: Pittie Love Rescue, Pittie’s Place, Positively Pitties, City Pitties and Pittie City of Best Friends Animal Society). Yet “pittie” also has secondary meaning when used by Maul Talkers, such as the need to “pity” and victimize pit bulls.

Pittie City… meet some of the rescued dogs at Best Friends
Here are the stories of some of the pit bulls of Best Friends, including some of the Vicktory dogs. – Best Friends Animal Society
Pittie City–what a wonderful name. Thank God they ended up at Best Friends. I wish I had room for more, but I’ve already got 4 pitties of my own. I live in Virginia not far from where they came from, we have cried from them and cheered when the news came that they were going to Best Friends and Badrap. I look forward to reading more good news about them all. – k9mommyx4