There are over 32 thousand people on the internet who, as pit bull owners and rescuers, feel that is it their solemn duty  to educate the public about  the pit bull because it is the most misunderstood breed.  Like all good educators, the teachers at Bad Rap call everyone who doesn’t agree with their lessons “scared little bitches.”

Of those 32 thousand dedicated online teachers, over 32 hundred  feel they have a special insight into the true nature of the pit bull and they wish to dispell the myths and stereotypes about the pit bulls’ viciousness.  They explain why it is impossible for pit bulls  to be aggressive towards people:

It was illogical to breed human aggressive dogs that were used in pit fighting because if you had to separate the two dogs (meaning actually being right in the pit with them and even touching them with your bare hands) the last thing you wanted was for the dog to turn on you. Dogs that did show signs of human aggression were culled (killed or not used for breeding). Knowing this, does it really make sense to believe that the APBT is a blood thirsty killer out for your child’s blood? –  Dog Gone Good Training

Though it may seem illogical to a rescue angel that dog fighters kept man biters, they did.  And they bragged about it.  Just one of the many man biters that were not culled, but kept and bred, was named Bullyson.  He was a very prolific bloodline foundation sire who’s progeny live on today.

Description of Bullyson:

The dog acted like a crazy dog, or a maniac, or the devil in disguise.  When they turned them loose all hell broke loose. Everybody there, was at attention. This black son-of-a-gun just simply ate Bert’s “Red” alive. At the final scratch, Bobby couldn’t hardly contain the dog in his corner and he was scared that the crazy son-of-a-gun was going to bite him. This was the worst kind of man eater when conditions were normal, and they sure weren’t normal then.

Again, this dog was known on several occasions, when someone was moving him a car and he was loose, to sorta go off his rocker Despite these problems, they often hauled him loose, I think because it was so hard to put him in a carrying case. On the move from Hall’s in Houston to Carver’s place in San Antonio, Mr Raymond Holt was elected to carry the dog. As usual, “Bullyson” was carried loose in the car. Raymond told me, that the only way he could keep “Bullyson” from jumping on him during the trip was by playing with his testicles. That’s a helluva deal, No? – The Bull Terrier Times Magazine

If you want, you can breed your own Bullyson bloodline pit bull today!  Or you can buy a Bullyson/Bolio cross.  Bolio is another very prolific, man-biting foundation sire.  Please look at the linked photos.  If these dogs were in the news, they would be called pit bull mixes.