“The child teased the dog,” is frequently voiced by pit bull advocates after a pit bull seriously injures a child. This is a blame the victim technique, and one cannot read any mauling thread after such an attack without a pit nutter voicing this cruel absurdity. The question is, even if a child did tease the dog, should he have ended up like Vincent Marchese? There are also legal ramifications. In many states, if it is proven that the victim “teased, tormented or abused” the dog prior to the attack, the victim may be denied his legal complaint.

there had to been a reason for the male pitbull to just attack her like that,either the young girl was teasing the dog,or something,my dog is a two yr old female,and if she feels threatened then she will bark.where was the parent of this child,why wasnt she watching her child. – jessica pitbull owner