A pet advocacy group sounds innocuous, but it is often a term used by pet PACs, such at PetPAC (“a national pet advocacy group dedicated to protecting the rights of pet owners”) whose central goal is to protect pet owners’ rights by opposing all pet regulations. Pro-pit bull lobbying groups use the term as well, such as 4 Lucas County pets, whose only goal was to oust former Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon. It is notable that “pet advocacy” groups typically only represent dog owners (not other pet owners), and the term is used to broaden their donor and membership base.

Toledo, OH – Tom Skeldon needs your support, and you can give it by leaving a comment at this blog post. Skeldon is the Lucas County, Ohio Dog Warden and the most experienced employee of the United States when it comes to dog law enforcement, particularly pit bull law enforcement. He is currently under fire by a “pet advocacy” group, AKA a pit bull advocacy group. – DogsBite.org