The National Canine Research Council (NCRC) was started by Karen Delise in 2006. In 2007, the NCRC was purchased by Jane Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation. This ownership information is only known today due to 2010 research by Berkey is a fanatical pit bull advocate, and her ownership of the NCRC greatly sabotages the “credibility” of any research presented or provided by the group.

Internet searches show that the NCRC was formerly named the National Canine Research Foundation and was run in part with Glen Bui, a convicted felon. It is possible that Bui and Delise parted paths in 2005, as Bui shortly thereafter established the American Canine Foundation (ACF). Delise is still listed as a consultant on the ACF’s Board of Directors webpage. Both entities endlessly spew Maul Talk.

The laws have only fueled what they consider a form of dog racism. “It serves no useful purpose except to cause havoc to our government,” said Glen Bui of the National Canine Research Foundation. (News-Leader, July 2005)