To minimize the responsibility of a pit bull and its owner when the dog attacks another dog, pit bull owners will often say, “It was a dog fight.” Much like “all dogs bite,” so goes the saying, “all dogs fight,” meaning that this behavior is normal for all dogs. Certainly all dogs “posture” (bark, snarl, and snap at air, which can appear to be a dog fight), but few commence an attack. A pit bull, however, was bred to attack and has the tools — strong jaws and a lethal bite style — to finish a fight. In an August 2010 article, a pit bull owner states:

Mason believes that even without tranquilizers, the officers had alternatives to deadly force, including tear gas and Tasers. He criticized the officers for using their guns to break up a dog fight and questioned whether his dog was the victim of breed discrimination.
“The only reason they shot my dog is because he is a pit bull,” Mason said. “If you run up on a Chihuahua and poodle and the Chihuahua has got the poodle around the neck, are you going to shoot the Chihuahua? It was a dog fight. Dogs fight.”Harold Mason