The American Canine Foundation (AFC) is a Washington state-based pit bull special interest group and best known by its former spokesperson Glen Bui. The ACF, specifically the “hulk-style” ex-felon Bui, threatens to sue municipalities that enact a pit bull law. At times they do sue as well, but their track record of winning is zero. Their creepy expert witness list includes: Dr. I Lehr Brisbin PhD (a Hog Dogger), Dr. Esplin D.V.M., James Crosby, Karen Delise (former owner of the NCRC). The ACF and Bui have also threatened to sue in a “tort of outrage” lawsuit among others.

Coleen Lynne ?
In Seattle ?
Is it your website ? Your my space site ? We finding out for sure tomorrow !
Hi my name is Glen Bui, I founded the American Canine Foundation and I’m what you call a real animal lover fighting for the right agenda.
You on the other hand are demented and let me tell you with no B.S. if you do not take your website down by 1-26-08 I will personally file a tort of outrage lawsuit against you in the Washington court system. – January 17, 2008