Owners of pit bulls frequently say after a serious or fatal pit bull attack that it was a “tragic accident”. Google News Archives shows clear results of this when typing in the terms: tragic accident pit bull. The term has been in continuous use by pit bull owners since the mid-1980’s. Given today (2010), this term is a complete denial of responsibility. Pit bulls have been maiming and killing individuals on a regular basis for nearly 30 years. While these continuous occurrences are tragic, they are certainly not accidental.

The victim’s brother-in-law said, “This dog has never shown any aggression before. It slept in the bed with them. They’ve had the dog four years, and it never ever showed anything like this. This is a tragic accident. – David Todd
In yet another instance of an infant killed by a family pit bull, law enforcement officials are wrongly calling this preventable death a “tragic accident.” Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley said, “These cases are very difficult, and obviously, it’s a very emotional topic. But sometimes … it’s just a tragic, tragic accident.” – DogsBite.org
San Bernardino police called the incident a “tragic accident,” just as San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials did after a family pit bull killed 3-year old Omar Martinez in January. – DogsBite.org
Mother shut boy in basement to protect him from pit bull / 12-year-old was killed by family dog; owner sees death as tragic accident but defends the breed as loving pets – SFGate.com
Wesley Barrentine is Wyno’s Stepfather-In-Law, he tells Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg that her death was just a freak accident. “I don’t know why it happened it’s just a tragic accident,” Barrentine said. – Wesley Barrentine
A woman has died as the result of an a pit bull attack, according to the Lowndes County Sheriff … The sheriff is calling the incident, ” a very tragic accident and vicious attack.” – Lowndes County Sheriff
The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office says it won’t pursue charges against a man whose pit bull mauled his 5-year-old nephew to death. Investigators say they found no signs of negligence. Sheriff Lupe Trevino told The Monitor in McAllen that the death appears to have been a tragic accident. – Sheriff Lupe Trevino