Pit bull owners, advocates and pro-pit bull lobbying groups — Maul Talkers — frequently equate pit bulls to human beings. The term “canine racism” is designed to “play the race card” and condemn persons or municipalities who seek to pass a public safety pit bull ordinance. According to Google News Archives, the term “canine racism” has been afoot since 1986, just when the first round of U.S. cities began enacting pit bull ordinances.

$2.95 – San Jose Mercury News – NewsBank – Jul 2, 1987
… generically lumped together as pit bulls — complained their pets were the victims of canine racism. The backlash against pit bulls has been violent. …
Chicago Sun-Times: Pit-bull attacks mustn’t be tolerated
$2.95 – Chicago Sun-Times – NewsBank – Jul 27, 1987
The very thought of bans smacks, they say, of “canine racism.” Torrance, Calif., council members considering a ban were accused of “attempting to do to pit …
Attacks Pit Bull Owners Say People Are The Problem, Not Dogs
Lewiston Daily Sun – Google News Archive – Sep 19, 1987
… several local pit bull attacks, said he believes the pit bull has become a kind of negative “status symbol” and called the trend “canine racism”
Chicago Sun-Times: Needed: line-item veto
$2.95 – Chicago Sun-Times – NewsBank – Jul 29, 1987
To quote Dr. Franklin Loew, dean of Tufts Veterinary School, from an article in Sports Illustrated magazine: “The breed is a victim of canine racism.