“All dogs bite” is a phrase used by Maul Talkers to minimize the serious and fatal injury pit bulls inflict on human beings and animals. The phrase is used to flatten the dangerous dog breed issue by placing all breeds on the same dangerousness scale. Maul Talkers commonly say that chihuahuas bite, too, denying that the tiny dog’s bite is any different than what is inflicted by the jaws of a pit bull. Part of the term is also used in a book titled, Dogs Bite: But Balloons and Slippers Are More Dangerous, indicating that balloons and slippers are more dangerous than pit bulls.

Renowned Maul Talker, Bill Bruce, head of Calgary’s animal bylaw services, recently took matters a step further by claiming that a chihuahua inflicted a bite “as big as a tennis ball.” He carefully leaves out what breed the chihuahua was mixed with as well.

The bottom line, says Bruce, is all dogs can bite.
“The worst bite I saw was by a 15-lb chihuahua cross which took a (chunk) almost as big as a tennis ball out of a person’s leg,” he says. – Pit nutter Bill Bruce