A term used by “dogmen” when a pit bull in their yard goes ballistic, such as snapping a chain to attack another pit bull in the yard, getting hanged by its chain and strangling itself to death, or bursting free from its yard to attack nearby animals and people. Dogmen speak openly about yard accidents on dogfighting forum boards:

“For me, the damn Yard wrecks always happened while during the day, while I was home alone and hubby at work. Dear Jesus…it doesn’t get any worse than trying to win a tug of warMatch with the one still on the chain!!!!!!!! Worse one, I had my triplets in the bath tub, at an age too young to leave alone, home alone, hear a rukus and look out the window to see a wreck happening. By the time I get out to them and get them seperated, my gyp: Pedigree 17004 messed this male up so bad, he passed the next day…”