After a serious pit bull mauling, such as the incident involving Jeanette Cunningham, Maul Talkers will say that the dog was just being “playful”. The term is used to deny the pit bull’s responsibility in the attack. The pit bull, named Kiko, which the owners called “playful” and “harmless”, left Cunningham with permanent, disfiguring injuries.

To make matters worse, the dog’s owner objected to her animal being banned. She pleaded to keep it in her Burien home saying her dog was “playful” and “harmless.” – Ken Schram
A playful, pit bill turned violent in an instant…
“It was crazy because the dog’s so playful, even with the littler ones, it’s so playful… I guess it just didn’t want to be bothered today” – Willie Morgan
hey bill why dont you get facts before you open your d-c-suc=-r. pits are breed to be loyal family dogs. do u own a pit bill? didnt think so and if the dog was attack the lady she would have more then teeth marks. the PUPPY was most likely playingPit nutter Dan