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“Pit Bull Hack”

Pit Bull Hack
A “Pit Bull Hack” is generally a pit bull protectionist given a media platform to spread misinformation to the public. A Pit Bull Hack can also be a lazy journalist who reuses circular or red herring arguments (“Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?”) that have been around for three decades. A Pit Bull Hack can be a “pet writer” too or dog lover journalist sympathetic to pit bulls, sometimes recklessly so. The term “Hack” usually involves deliberately using polarizing language to “generate” page views or social media shares while knowing the piece does not contribute to reducing the number of maulings and deaths routinely inflicted by pit bulls. A Pit Bull Hack can also refer to an entire news group, such as the Toledo Blade and Huffington Post, who indisputably advocate for pit bulls and promote false myths about them. All in all, a Pit Bull Hack is a derogatory term as it either means a journalist who is blatantly biased, is lazy by reusing circular debates and/or has failed to address the real issue: “How do we stop creating new victims?” #AdvancetheDebate. Asking the same questions for 30-years after a new disastrous mauling or deadly pit bull attack — which often “resets” this debate back to 1985 — is unacceptable today.

Once Upon a Time in America

During the mid 1980s, when journalists were asking similar questions, they were doing so because parts of the country were in crisis. The epidemic of “headline” pit bull maulings and fatalities had just erupted. Animal control departments and humane groups were in crisis too — these dogs were coming into shelters and eviscerating dogs. By 1983, new shelter policies had to be established to “isolate” pit bulls. Journalists then were investigating this issue and trying to understand it, as well as reporting how cities were responding to it. Aspects present in articles back then usually included the history of the breed, dogfighting and “gameness,” and the devastating injuries pit bulls inflict on their victims. Some of them include: Pit bulls: part terrier, part terror (1985), The Pit Bull Friend and Killer (1987) and Pit bulls: Foes, fanciers agree dogs are a breed apart (1987). Browse through them (view longer list), then compare them to the all too often lazy journalism of today that continue to “frame” this issue as if the public is hearing about it for the first time (or worse, perpetuating a “fake” controversy), and also leave out the vital details of why pit bulls are inherently dangerous: selection for bull-baiting, dogfighting and “gameness.”

Examples of Common “Pit Bull Hacks”

  • Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?” — This is a red herring question, appellate courts in multiple states have already determined that they are. This circular debate is a 100% failure in advancing the honest debate of: “How do we stop creating more victims?” This overused, irrelevant question returns over 11,000 Google results. This particular example shows a live chat debate between several guests that inspired some blockbuster anecdotal comments like: “can stop by my house anytime and see for yourself, they are not dangerous. I’m more afraid of Chihuahua” #AdvancetheDebate
  • The Truth About Pit Bulls” — This phrase is most often used by biased journalists, sympathetic to pit bulls, to hide the truth about the breed. It usually implies misinformation and is also used to “generate” controversy and social media shares. This wildly over used phrase returns 84,000 Google results. Seeing the volume of propaganda web pages using this title, someone created a blog using the name and points out that “facts are stubborn things” and wishes “cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” This blog DOES offer the truth about pit bulls. #AdvancetheDebate
  • Pit bulls versus everyone: Should they be banned?” — This piece came after the horrific pit bull mauling deaths of Xavier Strickland and Rebecca Hardy. It qualifies as a Pit Bull Hack because 1.) The title perpetuates a fake controversy — right off the bat the piece admits that Detroit was not considering a pit bull ban ordinance — and 2.) It resets the debate back to 1985 and 3.) It sank to include Petey & Company. The public deserves better after 30-years of grisly maulings and deaths. #AdvancetheDebate
  • Pit Bulls: Menace or Misunderstood?” — This “For or Against” framing is another red herring that comes in many flavors. The framing sets up a circular debate that contributes little or nothing to preventing new mauling victims. Again, this should not be a debate about pit bulls, but about reducing violent attacks. As with most “Pit Bull Hacks,” it comes after a deadly pit bull attack and carries the traits of “let’s examine the divide” and introduces very little or no new information at all. #AdvancetheDebate
  • Similar “For or Against” framing questions — Pit Bulls: Bad Dog or Bad Rap?, Pit Bulls: Man’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?, Pit Bulls: Dogs or Monsters?, Pit Bulls: Docile or Dangerous?, Pit Bulls: Friend or Foe? Also, “Is it the Owner or the Breed?” is yet another red herring “framing” question that accomplishes zero. The question is irrelevant. What is relevant is reducing serious attacks, maulings and deaths by pit bulls. This dated question from 30-years ago returns a whopping 100,000 Google results.

Since 1987, the news media has been seeking out mainly the same “experts” for “balance” when they “examine the divide” who have been diverting with “Petey was a pit bull” (irrelevant) and lying with the Nanny Dog myth.

What “Pit Bull Hacks” do not understand, is that even pit bull advocates are tired of these circular debates from 1985. Looking at the Virginian-Pilot’s social media campaign (for Pit Bulls: Menace or Misunderstood), there was only one Facebook share with 43k Likes on their page. Their Twitter campaign hardly fared better. They promoted the article in 4 Tweets out to their audience of 50k. There were ZERO “Loves” and only 3 “Retweets.” That’s all the response they got even by using photos designed to bait people. In a separate case, after creating the “earth shattering” piece, “The Truth About Pit Bulls,” the story did not even get one Facebook Like after the author shared it with a popular pit bull page. Finally, while these types of red herring and circular debate titles commonly indicate a Pit Bull Hack is behind it, certainly there are legitimate articles that also use them. Headlines have always been a primary marketing tool for newspapers. What truly defines a Pit Bull Hack is its “predictable content” that fails in anyway to #AdvancetheDebate.

Identifying a Pit Bull Hack

  • Does it “reset” the debate back to the 1980s or 90s?
  • Does it use a red herring or “For or Against” title?
  • Does it fail to contain any useful new information?
  • Does it invent or perpetuate a “fake” controversy?
  • Does it sink to include Petey or the Nanny Dog myth?
  • Is it from a Pit Bull Hack source? (a writer or entity)
  • Is it blatantly biased or perpetuating misinformation?

A “yes” answer to two or more qualifies it as a hack.

PS. Because these articles so commonly appear after a serious or deadly pit bull mauling, one can also call it a Post Attack Hack. Feel free to intermingle the terms.

“Mutual Mauling”

A mutual mauling occurs when two pit bulls bust through a fence into your backyard and chase your children into your house. Your children make it inside safely. Then the pit bulls begin barking at dogs in another yard and get so hyped up, they start jumping up the fence, trying to scale it. As they continue jumping, they collide into each other causing more excitement so they start attacking each other. The “mutual mauling” has begun — filled with ample tail wagging. After 5 to 7 minutes of clamping onto the other dog’s throat and shaking it violently, the two pit bulls disengage and turn their attention onto the glass back door the children escaped through, ramming up against it and pawing at the door.

PS. The homeowner filmed the “mutual mauling” of the two neighborhood pit bulls while waiting for police and animal control to arrive. Once they arrive, they return the pit bulls back to their owner. The full narrative is located in the YouTube video’s description.

PS. By April 25, 2016 this video had been removed, we found another version below.

“Defeated Prosecutor Syndrome”

Defeated Prosecutor Syndrome (DPS) is a term derived by the DogsBite.org community. The term is not meant to criticize detectives and prosecutors who in the aftermath of an unimaginably violent pit bull mauling death of a child are forced to admit to their community that there is no way to criminally charge the dog’s owner. Defeated Prosecutor Syndrome is what appears to be occurring right now in the aftermath of Amiyah Dunston’s brutal mauling death by a pit bull dubbed, “The Beast,” in Nassau County, New York.

Their faces show a particular grimness, even ashen quality, upon realizing there are no legal options to criminally charge the owner of a pit bull after his dog savagely rips the throat out of a child. The photograph of the owner with his pit bull wearing a weighted collar clenching down on bite strengthening equipment is moot. Nassau County DA Madeline Singas explains why this pit bull and many others have carte blanche to murder innocent American children — the law says it is okay, as long as it is the “first” attack.

“It’s hard to bring charges without prior adjudication of these animals as dangerous animals.”-Madeline Singas

Cannot criminally charge pit bull owner, nassau county

Defeated Prosecutor Syndrome

What this statement means is that it is difficult to bring criminal charges without documentation that the pit bull had previously inflicted an attack causing serious injuries, then was legally deemed a “dangerous dog” (or the owner otherwise had painfully clear knowledge of dog’s vicious propensities), then it attacked again, executing the killing bite, taking the life of a child. That is the evidence needed to effectively charge Carlyle Arnold, the owner of the pit bull that brutally attacked and killed 9-year old Amiyah Dunston.

The desperate state of broken criminal laws across America regarding severe and fatal pit bull mauling injuries is chilling. Why is this still true after 30-years of appellate court rulings upholding pit bull laws, and in many cases, declaring the extreme dangerousness of the breed? Horrific pit bull injuries are backed up by peer-reviewed medical studies starting in 1988 as well. How many more rulings and studies are needed? Defeated Prosecutor Syndrome will continue until criminal laws reflect the reality of a “first” attack by a pit bull.

First attacks by pit bulls often permanently disfigure and maim, and in some cases result in death.

If the UK can develop substantial criminal penalties for on property violent “first” attacks, allowing your dog to injure someone, than so can states within the US!

Carlyle Arnold kills child long island

Carlyle Arnold building up bite power in his pit bull dubbed, “The Beast.”

mauled to death by a pit bull on long island

Amiyah Dunston, 9-years old, brutally attacked and killed by a pit bull.

“Pits for Tits”

As if anthropomorphizing pit bulls could not get worse? How about a pit bull depicted with female breasts, wearing a pink bra in honor of pit bull awareness month (not recognized by any formal body, just plain old Nutters) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our ordering is specific as 60% of proceeds of Pits for Tits goes towards pit bull rescue and only 40% to the American Cancer Society. To even use these two awareness campaigns in the same paragraph is shocking and revolting, as if they are on an even playing field?

A dog breed that kills more people than all dog breeds combined every year, herein depicted as a sex toy, is being promoted along side breast cancer, a disease that strikes down 40,000 American women each year. This insidious anthropomorphic pit bull campaign, Pits for Tits, operates on multiple levels. 1.) A pit bull depicted as a sex toy, 2.) A pit bull with female breasts wearing a pink bra, 3.) The “pit bull cause” having the same significance as a cancer that kills 40,000 women each year and 5.) Last, but not least, hijacking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and using it to promote pit bulls.

Who are the big brains behind this sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull campaign? Lizz Whitacre and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s No Kill Advocacy Club, according to the press release. Pits for Tits is a 5K doggie run that will be held on October 3. People can pay $15 for a Pits for Tits tee-shirt whose depiction for 2015 is unknown, but in the past has used the slogan, “Bringing awareness for bullies and boobies.” Whitacre incredulously states in the release, “The causes are the same in the way that anyone can be affected.”

No, Lizz Whitacre. Owning a pit bull is a choice. Contracting breast cancer is not.

Pits for Tits - anthropomorphic pit bull campaign

This sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull illustration is by Ally Frame, also a UNL student.

“Classy girls wear pearls!”

After the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) adopted out a stray pit bull that in short order killed 6-year old Joshua Strother, the executive director, Tracy Elliott, had the balls to criticize the public for mistakenly anthropomorphizing dogs. “Animals are animals,” Elliott said. “They are not people and attempts to compare them to people or anthropomorphize them are a mistake. Any animal is capable of behavior we can’t predict,” Elliott said. There is just one colossal problem with Elliott’s statement. On June 20, the same time period that Asheville Humane adopted out the fatally attacking pit bull, AHS launched a highly anthropomorphic adoption campaign for a pit bull named Pearl, bling included. “Classy girls wear pearls!” reads one of three Facebook posts dressing up a female pit bull as a girl. Pearl’s sickeningly anthropomorphic campaign — just another aggressive pit bull adoption campaign by AHS — isn’t the only one either. Meet “Emerald” the pit bull.

Anthropomorphic pit bull adoption campaign screenshot 1  |  screenshot 2  |  screenshot 3

Asheville Humane Society

“Emerald Nutter”

In the longstanding tradition of Nutters, including pre-Nutter, post-Nutter, Stockholm Nutter, Nikko-Nutter and Super Nutter, a new brand of Super Nutter evolved from Texas City, Texas on November 15, 2014 and is termed “Emerald Nutter.” An Emerald Nutter, named after pit bull owner Emerald White, is a Super Nutter that sues the victim after her four pit bulls tear through a victim’s fence and rip the victim’s dog to pieces on the victim’s own property then sues the victim for $1 million dollars. You read that correctly.

Even the Psychic Gerbil stumbled on this one, at one point declaring, “Texas nutter stumps Psychic Gerbil!” The Inquisitr has nothing kind to say about Emerald White of Texas City nor do over 7 thousand Yahoo commenters (and still growing). Common responses include, “I had to re-read the story because it just didn’t make sense!” and “Wow. Just wow. The nerve of this chick!” and “What a low life that pitbull owner is” and “This is so OUTRAGEOUS!” and finally, “THINGS LIKE THIS MAKE MY STOMACH TURN!”

Emerald White is the owner of four pit bulls. In October, the dogs got loose and found their way into the yard of Steve Baker. The Bakers owned a beagle named Bailey, who was 10 years old at the time. Bailey never stood a chance when Emerald’s dogs attacked, but now in an unusual twist, she is suing Baker for up to $1 million in damages, according to court documents. The Galveston County Daily News reports that Emerald White claims “she was ‘seriously injured’ after she was ‘unexpectedly and viciously attacked’ when she entered the Baker’s backyard to retrieve her dogs, which had entered through a hole in the mutual fence separating the two properties.” – Inquisitr, Pit Bull Owner Emerald White’s Dogs Killed A Beagle, Now She’s Suing The Victim

An Emerald Nutter trumps a Super Nutter (and a spicy Pit Grifter), but is merely an extension of the Nutter thought process: “Society must be responsible for my decision and choice to own pit bulls — four of them.” After I lose control of my four pit bulls and they chew through your fence and attack and kill your 10-year old dog on your own property (and attack and injure me in the process too), I have the right to sue you for $1 million dollars in damages. That is the thought process of an Emerald Nutter.

Emerald White is right about one thing, she will need a bucket of cash to keep her pit bulls. After the attack, Texas City officials declared all four of her dogs dangerous. The declaration requires White to obtain a secure enclosure for each dog that is at least 6 feet high (with a mechanical locking device), each dog must be registered with the city annually as a dangerous dog, a sign must be posted in White’s yard alerting residents of her dangerous dogs and she must also obtain $100,000 liability insurance on each dog.


“Weaponized GMOs”

In order to understand this term, one must also understand what a GMO is, a genetically modified organism. According to Wikipedia, a GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. In the case of pit bulls — and all dog breeds — selective breeding is the tool used for genetic modification. But let’s be clear about pit bulls, it is what dog fighters selectively bred OUT of pit bulls that turned them into “weaponized GMOs.” It is what is missing from pit bulls that makes them so lethal:

  • There is no natural cut off when attacking. Normal dog breeds bite and release; they are finished. But pit bulls repeatedly attack, which is the definition of a “mauling” and results in the extreme disproportionate number of amputations and deaths attributed to the breed. Dog fighters selectively bred OUT their natural cut off when attacking.
  • High tolerance to pain. Natural “self preservation” was selectively bred OUT of pit bulls. The very basis of breeding fighting dogs was to achieve a “game” dog, one that would fight to the death. All other domesticated and wild animals contain natural “self-preservation.” When faced with preserving their own life or dying, they choose “life.”
  • Ignore normal dog language. Normal dog-to-dog language was bred OUT of pit bulls by dog fighters, such as submission and appeasement, and approaching at a slight arc with a slightly turned head when meeting other dogs. Pit bulls will disembowel a dog on its back signaling submission and often approach in a b-line with a direct stare.
  • Pit bulls often provide no warning before an attack. Normal dog breeds bark or growl, their hair raises up — they provide visual and audio signals that warn a person or an animal to back off. Pit bulls often attack in total silence with no visual signals either. If any are present, they occur so fast that neither humans or animals can recognize them.

When genetic traits are removed from the gene pool they are gone, unless they are bred back into the gene pool. Thus, by breeding OUT normal dog traits dog fighters created “weaponized GMOs” that lack a normal cut off when attacking, lack “self preservation” when under attack, lack knowledge of dog language and lack providing warning signals before an attack. Mankind has the power to create a dog breed through selective breeding that is vastly more dangerous than a wild animal and that is exactly what dog fighters did.

Pit bulls are a man-made problem, and must be addressed by a made-made solution.

The Coward

“Nutters in need”

Who do Nutters in need contact when they fear their pit bull will be confiscated? Who do they trust as an ally for this vital information? Presented are a collection of emails sent to DogsBite.org by Nutters in need. Do they find their state BSL page (example) through web searches and mistake DogsBite as an ally? Seems unlikely. These emails are typically ignored and show the multi-Nutter mentalities: apologist, narcissist, pitthetic, OPIG, etc.

The list topper is Nutter in need Pamela Six (aka “SCREW EM ALL”) who recently appeared on TV with a “pittie me” plea to keep her pit bull. This is a severely modified attitude than her previous emails, which referred to city officials as a, “BUNCH OF IDIOTS” and “one old fart on the city council” and “don’t know crap from a hill of beans” and “add this lousy town to your list.” Kudos to the City of Elma for enforcing their pit bull ban!

pit bull ban

From: Pamela Six <a6paac1@>
Subject: pit bull ban
Date: February 18, 2014 at 3:32:45 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

add Elma Iowa to your list please. these fools allowed me to move here 8 frigging months ago with my pit bulls who are inside dogs and not allowed out without supervision and a leash and they just now send me a notice that pit bulls are banned from here and i WILL get rid of them or face legal action. my daughter is also being told to get rid of hers. she lives 4 doors down from me. no one in the town knows about the ban except one old fart on the city council and he sent us the notices. they in for a fight on this one. i am not getting rid of my dogs for ANYBODY. bunch of dummies that dont know crap from a hill of beans. pits are wonderful loyal dogs who respond the way they are raised. all dogs are. i had a flipping chihuahua someone abused before i got her and she was hell in a bottle. so add this lousy town to your list. thanks.

Thought: Will do!

From: Pamela Six <pamsphone59@>
Date: February 13, 2014 at 2:18:34 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org


Thought: Tough cookies!

From: Michael K.
Subject: Denver Pitbulls
Date: February 27, 2014 at 2:02:34 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Is it legal to bring a pet pitbull into a state or city that does not allow you to own one? I am flying into Denver Colorado with my red nose (she has never hurt a fly…our tiny cat runs the house). Do you know any details about this that can help?

Thought: Did you mean you are flying into Denver on a “red carpet?”

From: dudleydo88@
Subject: BSL Westland, MI
Date: February 19, 2014 at 10:07:40 AM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

is it illegal to own a pitbull in Westland, MI? What are the laws specifically for Westland, MI?
Thank you
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Thought: Err, contact the city and ask?

From: Brooke S.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: February 13, 2014 at 11:24:54 AM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Hi my name is Brooke ██████ and I was doing some research for a paper in school. I know that Stanberry Mo has laws against pit bulls, I had two for four years then all of a sudden took me to court and charged me with having them. They also listed about ten other dogs they said was not allowed inside of city limits. Including Rottweiler’s, Mastiff’s, and American Bulldogs or any “mixed breed” of the dogs mentioned before. I would like to be able to tell you the rest of the list but I’m not exactly for sure and don’t want to give you false information.

Thought: Can’t recall the charging documents “student researcher?”

From: Kuder B.
Subject: General Information
Date: February 10, 2014 at 4:25:31 AM CST
To: general-at-dogsbite.org

Do these laws apply if I am from out of state

Sent from my iPhone

Thought: Ask a dog fighter?

From: CherokeeWOLF1@
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: January 28, 2014 at 6:56:50 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I am so against these bans, but here is yet another city and more breeds. When will people be educated that it is the leash holder that can make ANY breed bite. So angry about these bans. It is animal crulity!


Thought: Thanks Debbie! Added to the North Dakota BSL page.

From: Jill S.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: January 2, 2014 at 4:38:16 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Trying to figure out what breeds are banned in Pratt, the police want to take my diesel away because he’s American bulldog, but I can’t find that breed listed as banned

Thought: Tough cookies!

From: Barry B.
Subject: General Information
Date: December 28, 2013 at 12:41:49 PM CST
To: general-at-dogsbite.org

Can our Chicago Il condo legally restrict breeds of dogs?

Reply: “Yep!” – DogsBite.org response, December 28, 2014

From: Luis M.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: December 15, 2013 at 3:44:55 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Need to know what are the restrictions of the pit bull in north Chicago, thanks

Luis M.

Thought: Click on the North Chicago ordinance link?

From: Brittany T.
Subject: Insurance question
Date: December 12, 2013 at 11:52:25 AM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Yesterday I was getting a insurance quote for home insurance.
I have a pitbull mix and a Yorkshire terrior. The insurance company rep at allstate asked me if I had any dogs she said that they cannot give me a policy if I have a german shepard, rotweiler or pit bull. Is this true. The city and township I live in has no ban on pit bulls or any zoning laws I even called them to make sure of this!
Also can a insurance company raise the cost of my policy if I have a pit bull?
My dog has never bit anyone or any animal also!

Brittany T.

Thought: OMG! Insurance companies “assess risk!”

From: Christie R.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: December 11, 2013 at 6:09:58 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Breed ban on Pitbulls in Muscoda Wisconsin! Moved here, bought a house not knowing about the breed ban and have been hiding our Pitty ever since! A lady two houses down had to move out and leave town because of here Pittys. Thankfully she was renting the home. So sad!

Christie R.

Action: Reported to local police authorities (only took 5-minutes to find her home address and Facebook page online!) – DogsBite.org, December 12, 2013

From: AA Gmail
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: December 5, 2013 at 3:34:20 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Hi there. I am new to Aurora, CO. And just found out about the BSL against Pit Bulls here in CO.
Can you tell me if these are current and/or any changes?
I am a huge advocate of Pit Bulls and am so bummed to read of this!
Thank you ahead of time & happy holidays!

Angela A.
‘What is Life, If Not a Journey?’

Thought: Happy holidays to you too! LOL, Aurora bans pit bulls!

From: Hope W.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: October 4, 2013 11:52:30 AM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

This is for Bloomfield, MO.. since it isn’t listed on your site, I was curious as to if the ordinance is even existent. If you could look into it more and get back to me that would be great. We are looking to adopt a pit and any information would be great at this point.


It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, harbor or allow to be in or upon his/her premises any of the following breeds of dog:

1. Bull Terrier breed of dog;
2. Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog;
3. American Pit Bull Terrier breed of dog;
4. American Staffordshire Terrier breed of dog;
5. Dogs of mixed breed or of other breeds than above listed, which breed or mixed breed is known as Pit Bulls, Pit Bull dogs or Pit Bull Terriers; and
6. Any dog that has the appearance and characteristics of being predominantly of the breeds of Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier any other breed commonly known as Pit Bulls, Pit Bull dogs or Pit Bull Terriers or a combination of any of these breeds. (Ord. No. 3237 §2, 2-15-11)


Thought: Thanks Hope! Added to the Missouri BSL page.

From: Jesse L.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: July 6, 2013 6:31:52 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I am moving to Denver next week and I own a boxer/pit mix and I wanted to see what the protocol is?
Please let me know ASAP
Thank you and have a great day.


Jesse L.

Thought: The protocol for pit bulls in Denver? No worries (LMAO!), we will pass your “personal information” on to the proper authorities!

From: jeannettevandomelen@
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: April 29, 2013 at 9:35:38 AM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

It states on the ukc website that the entire state of Michigan has bsl is there a way for you to confirm this?


Thought: Ask the Psychic Gerbil?

From: 8607246162@
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: April 11, 2013 7:18:24 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Can you own a pit bull in Georgia

Thought: Ask the Psychic Gerbil?

From: Carol B.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: April 1, 2013 2:19:01 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Planning on moving to Maryland soon. I do have a pitbull (mixed breed).
How can I find a place that accepts him? Koda is deaf and house trained. I would appreciate any and all assistance given.


Carol B.

Thought: Your chances of a landlord willing to house a deaf pit bull in Maryland are on par with winning the state Lotto!

From: John B.
Subject: Re: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: January 16, 2013 1:22:53 PM CST
To: info-at-dogsbite.org

Dear Dog’s bite: I am in the process of looking for a new position and it is a cross-country search so being an owner of a pit bull (wonderful dog and overly friendly to all except for llamas) I check out each city in where I am being considered for a position. I will keep you posted as I search. John ██████

Thought: Thanks John!!!!!

From: Jennifer B.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: December 30, 2012 10:15:45 AM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I am questioning whether you know of any regulations regarding child custody and pit bulls. A good friend of mine had taken emergency custody of her two nieces in August of 2011. They have been working with DCF, and have completed all steps to move towards adoption. They were informed 3 weeks ago that they would not be allowed to keep the girls if they did not get rid of missy. Missy is a pit. She is 3. This dog would not hurt a fly. She is great with kids especially. They live in ██████, and the girls lived in ██████ when they were taken. My friend and her husband have been working with ██████ DCF offices. ██████ has no problem with Missy. She is well behaved. The ██████ worker is the one who said she would not allow them to keep the kids if they did not get rid of the dog. They say that this is the last regulation they need to comply with before they can adopt the girls. Do you have any advice?

Thought: Yes! A couple that “truly” cared about the girls and their safety would have dumped the pit immediately!

From: Jennifer S.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: August 29, 2012 8:50:33 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I live in port deposit md and many people own pit bulls. The cops have never said anything to me about mine & she goes everywhere with me. Also many apartments allow them. So either no one here including the troopers obey the law our your information is extremely out dated!! I suggest u do some more research and stop posting out dated facts. Thanks!!

Thought: Take your complaint up with the Baltimore Sun!

From: jst00351@
Subject: Illinois State Law against pit bulls
Date: July 3, 2012 at 8:45:19 AM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Dear Dogsbite.org,

My friend’s family pet of 10 years, a pit bull, was murdered by Illinois State Police when they broke in his front door in the wee hours of the morning to serve a search warrant and to arrest his daughter on a drug charge. The cops found nothing in the search of the house and only accomplished the murder of a much loved family pet, (they shot him twice on the floor of the living room).

The cops claimed it is the law in Illinois that if they ever encounter a pit bull they have the right to shoot it on sight– no questions asked— regardless of whether the dog is a threat to them or not. If that is true then it appears that it is OPEN SEASON in Illinois on pit bulls.

This incident occurred about 3 weeks ago in Romeoville IL, in Will County, about 35 miles SW of Chicago. Also in the room at the time of the murder was an eight year old little boy who had to watch his pet get its head blown apart for barking at the cops who busted in the door instead of ringing the doorbell.

My question is this: Is there a law in Illinois that allows the cops, or in this case the State Police, the right to shoot on sight any pit bull they find in a personal residence? Please let me know so I can tell my friend if he should hire a lawyer and be ready to get rich.


Jim T.

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From: Val H.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: May 10, 2012 10:15:18 AM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org


I’m considering moving to Larkspur, CO for work but have 3 pit mixes. I didn’t see any anti-pit laws for Larkspur, but need to be sure, as I will protect my dogs with every fiber of my being. My two oldest are 13 & 14 yrs old, & my 3rd is a rescued bait dog. I know what crazed anti-pit fanatics Denver has, & need to be sure Larkspur is safe for my babies before moving for work.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Reply: “Douglas County Colorado has one of the highest ratios of concealed firearm permits per capita in the U.S. and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department shoots pit bulls that are running off property!”– DogsBite.org response, May 11, 2012

From: Matthew J.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice
Date: November 6, 2011 at 2:31:58 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Macon, Missouri which is north of Columbia on 63 north has a ban on pit bulls that allows the police to kill the dog, and then you can face probation and up to a $500 fine. They do this even if the dog is only part pit bull. It is ridiculous how they go about it! If a police officer suspects that your dog has any pit in it, they take it and terminate the canine. Please advise me how to get this changed!

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From: Mercy E.
Subject: Breed Specific Ordinance Notice
Date: June 5, 2011 10:47:17 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

Please please where can i live in colorado with 2 pittbulls

*** please note this was sent from my i phone excuse typos

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From: Phineas
Subject: BSL
Date: January 10, 2011 1:30:25 PM CST
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I rescue bullys and need the most current information on BSL in Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana. How often is your web site updated? http://www.dogsbite.org/legislating-dogs-kentucky.htm

Thanks, Lou

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From: Anneke C.
Subject: Pit Bull Ordinance Notice – Lafayette?
Date: May 7, 2010 1:31:19 PM CDT
To: ordinance-at-dogsbite.org

I happened on your web site by a search. I live in Northern California and am looking into moving to Lafayette, CO soon.

Can you tell me if Lafayette has BSL laws on the books, or if they are planning such laws? I am planning on getting a pit bull when I move, as I lost my beloved girl of 10 years recently. I have to make sure that I move to someplace safe for my new dog.

Thanks so much – I appreciate your help.

Kind Regards,

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Subject: Breed Specific Ordinance Notice
Date: June 10, 2009 9:40:38 PM MDT
To: info-at-dogsbite.org

I was just wondering if there is a dog ban against pit-bull type dogs in my county. I live in Muscatine and have heard different rumors saying there is and there isn’t and I have a dog that I am not sure of the breed but I think there is some pit-bull in him. please let me know because i rescued him and do not want to lose him because he is part of my family

Thought: We’ll get right on your request, LOL!

Historic “head count”

As one can see from the original 1987 graphic (bottom left), which depicts the face of a vicious pit bull representing the “head count” of human fatalities, the only thing different today is the increased number of deaths inflicted by pit bulls. The graphic was published along side an article in The New Mexican on August 10, 1987 (See page 2: NM town’s plan to bar pit bulls draws opposition). At that time, the public was horrified at the number of fatal pit bull attacks; there had been 5 so far into 1987 (June 25, 1987). Continued Maul Talk, junk “identification” studies and the engine beneath The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine will lead to many more savage deaths by these dogs. It is a societal disgrace.

The solution to this longstanding problem is through breed-specific legislation.


“Pit bull social worker”

Out: Animal Control Officer | In: Pit Bull Social Worker

Given that unwanted pit bulls glut open admission animal shelters from coast to coast, and nearly a million are euthanized each year (about two-thirds are “owner surrender” mind you), the role of the animal control officer has shifted into pretty much a full time Pit Bull Social Worker. If Pit Bull Social Workers are not loading aggressive or at large pit bulls into trucks for impoundment, they are prepping them for adoption, promoting them through obscene showcase videos, promoting them visa-a-via breed mislabeling (“boxer blend”), cashing whopping checks from PetSmart Charities for “free pit bull sterilization” (breed-specific programs) and of course, giving them “forever” dirt naps. Your public dollars are spent ad nauseam to pay Pit Bull Social Workers to facilitate the unwanted pit bull population problem, as well as to outright lie to the public about the dangerousness of this dog breed by pumping out pit bull myths generated by the pit bull propaganda machine.

Then of course, there is the “Animal Un-Control” solution as well, where the term Pit Bull Social Worker actually stems. In a May post, one blogger writes: “This video is proof that animal control has become nothing more than pit bull social workers in many parts of the U.S. Disgusting.” The 2010 video is a harrowing portrayal of a woman being chased by a pack of pit bulls on her horse. The attack occurs in San Bernardino County, California (which has since adopted a mandatory pit bull sterilization law). Amazingly, county animal services approved the animals to be “warehoused” in a vacant house: “ANIMAL CONTROL HAS BRILLIANTLY (GREG BECK) DEVISED A WAY FOR THESE IRRESPONSIBLE LIARS TO PUT 8 DOGS IN TWO VACANT HOMES AND HAVE 4 DOGS AT THE NEW HOME 5 MILES AWAY. HOW DARE YOU JEOPARDIZE MY SAFETY, MY ANIMALS, AND THE PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF MY HOME.”

Thus, the role of Pit Bull Social Workers is also to enable irresponsible pit bull owners.